Bob's Fuel Pump Tip


  • Bob’s Tip: Fuel Pumps “What not to Do!”
    We’ve probably all done it. We hold the fuel pump in our hands and push the lever all the way up and down to hear if it has proper suction. Keep in mind here, the actual travel of the fuel pump pushrod is only a ¼ inch or so. While you may enjoy hearing the suck, suck, suck when you pump it, you could be tearing up the rubber diaphragm. It’s designed for a long life of pumping, but stressing it beyond its limits is not a good idea. It’s not indestructible!
We are now offering fuel pumps for all 1933-53 Flathead V8’s.  The 1947 and later all have glass bowls, but the mounting base size and shape as well as the inlet and outlet size and thread vary from year to year. The flexible hose to steel fuel line fittings differ as well. Some of them are compression and some are flare. See our helpful chart below to understand the differences. Then you’ll know what parts you need for your particular application.