Upholstery Headrest Release Key Set (4)




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Auto Trim Tools Headrest release key set,  Set of 4  Headrest release keys perfect for Auto trim. Set contains 4 keys in 4 popular widths ¼”, 5/16”. ½”  & ¾”.

How to use the Osborne Headrest Release Keys
Select correct width release key.
1.       Raise Headrest as far as possible
2.       Slightly oil end of Key
3.       Slide Release Key through slot in trim collar as indicated in drawing. If when inserting the tool does not go all the way in, work the key back and forth or tap gently. DO NOT FORCE.
4. When the key is about 6 inches into the slot, lower headrest half an inch or so, push in Lock Release Key and headrest can be removed.

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