Roof Rail Flapper Repair Kit; fits 1956-58 Fairlane




$30.00 KT
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The kit you need to revive your over-the-door stainless flapper unit. Swap out those rusted and strained (or just plain missing!) springs and plastic trigger cover with a fresh set of replacements to bring your unit back to life.

  • Kit includes new springs to revive your limp or semi-functional over-the-door flapper unit and fresh, clean trigger covers. Serves both RH and LH sides.
  • Formed and stressed relieved to appropriate tensile strength before final plating, springs will keep your flapper unit functional for another 50 plus years. Trigger cover made of impact modified nylon to resist against a hard hitting future of blows, bangs and temperature change.
  • Installation instructions included.
1956 Fairlane Victoria
1956 Fairlane Crown Victoria
1957-58 Fairlane Club Victoria
1957-58 Fairlane 500 Club Victoria