Tail Light & Turn Signal High Power Bulb (6V); fits 1933-55 Car & Pickup; 1955 Thunderbird




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Knowing which Bulb to use in your Ford is often as troublesome as tracking down these increasingly hard-to-find Bulb styles at the local auto store. Avoid the frustration and rely on the research and recommendation of Drake's team to ensure you get the right Bulb in the right place.

If you desire a little brighter umph from your lights, this is the Bulb you need. With double the candlepower, the shine of this incandescent light is sure to be noticed. Not interested in wearing sunglasses at night? Use the stock Bulbs (81A-13465-6V or 81A-13465-12V) to keep the night cool and tranquil.

Read the applications and specifications below to certify this is the Bulb your Ford needs.

(1) Tail Light
1933-55 Car & Pickup; 1955 Thunderbird
Note: some 1933-37 vehicles may use an Inline Bulb.

(2) Parking Light Turn Signal
1942-55 Car & Pickup; 1955 Thunderbird
Note: Front Parking Light Turn Signals were an option in pre-1949 Cars. Parking Lights without a turn signal option use Bulb B-13466-6V or B-13466-6-12V.

Type: Incandescent
Voltage: 6V
Candlepower: 50 - 14CP
Bulb Color: Clear
Pins: Offset
Contact Base: Double