Grille (Black); 1937 Car & Station Wagon




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If you drive a ’37, you drive an eye-catcher. That stunning horizontal-bar grille is hard to miss, and Drake’s reproduction is sure to please. Reproduced from original samples, the Drake design and engineering team created a grille with the same sleek horizontal bars and fine contours as Ford’s own, making it the must-have centerpiece for any streamlined ’37. 

  • An arresting horizontal bar grille that stops passerbys in their tracks. Warning - may induce jealousy.
  • Precision stamped steel with black primer. Ready to paint your body color or to be dressed up in something unique (hint – jet black looks killer).
  • Beautifully defined curves that accompany the sweeping lines and trim of the ’37 front fenders and hood.
  • Top and side grille trim holes omitted for those who opt to run trimless.
  • Center trim holes and crank hole as original. 
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