Electronic Distributor (12V), 2-Bolt Mount; 1942-48 Flathead




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Hankering to upgrade to electronic ignition, but don’t want to sacrifice the traditional flathead look? Don’t worry - upgrade your flathead’s ignition power and reliability with Stromberg’s e-FIRE electronic ignition solution. Easy to install and set-up, simply mount and run two wires to your coil. The advance rate and max total advance have already been tuned to suit the flathead V8. You’ll immediately feel and appreciate the quick response and power on the pedal.

  • Crab-Cap style cap with built in electronic ignition. No points, no condenser, no black (or red) box and no worries.
  • Looks like it belongs with black cap, stock style mounting, old-school ID tag and side positioned static timing adjuster.
  • Higher efficiency, economy and accurate spark timing. Run two wires, bolt on and blast off.
  • Short aluminum body, no need to fight for space.
  • 12-volt, negative ground.

Seeking the 3-Bolt mount (1932-41) distributor? Check out 11A-12130-12E.

WARNING: Not for use with a low resistance HEI style coil. Compatible with a points style coil only with a minimum resistance of 3.0 Ohms or 1.5 Ohms with ballast resistor.