Bumper Bolt Set; fits 1941-48 Car




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If you want the right look, you gotta use the right stuff. These are not the easy-cast-&-shine (and break) bolts, but genuine stainless wrapped, cold headed forgings. Made the way Ford and the Lord intended.

  • Cold-headed forged steel beautifully wrapped in a stainless head cover. No crinkles or splits in this stainless cover – nope, nadda, no-how.
  • Appearance, dimensions and manufacturing method matches Ford’s originals.
  • Set of 4 bolts with hardware.

Thread: 7/16-20
Under Head Length: 1-1/4 inch
Under Head Square Shank: .45 inch
Head Size: .84 x .96 inch

Seeking a longer bolt? Try 11A-17908-K.