Complete Wiper Kit (12V); 1940-47 Pickup




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This premium quality kit features specially engineered components, each made to add factory style cowl-mount tandem wipers to these extremely popular trucks. Offers the smooth function and beauty just like the cars came with. Not a thrown-together mess of pieces requiring guesswork. Our kit has been carefully designed with the right parts and hardware including complete, clear instructions and templates so you can easily install with very pleasing results.
                                   KIT INCLUDES:
12V Motor & Bracket                                   
1-Spindle Platform Assembly & Hardware       
1-Dash to Firewall Mounting Bracket               
2-Wiper Towers with Pads, 2 Drive Arms        
4-Drive Arm Washers (2 black & 2 clear)         
1-Drive Arm Spring Clip (fastens drive arms) 
2-Wiper Blades 8-1/4in. 
2-Wiper Arms (1 left, 1 right) 
1-Pre-wired 2-Speed Switch with Wiring Harness 
7-1/4in.x20x3/4in. Hex Bolts 
7-1/4in. Lock Washers