Brake Line Kit, Pre-Bent Steel; fits 1939-40 Ford




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We do the Measuring, Bending* and Flaring. This saves you and your back from hours under your car.
Kit Includes steel lines with brake tube nuts. "T"-blocks sold separately.
  • 2 each / Radius Rod Lines
  • 1 each / Middle Line
  • 1 each / Master Cylinder to Left Front “T” Block Line
  • 1 each / Crossover - Left “T” to Right Hand Brake Hose Line 
* In order to save on shipping charges two simple 90° bends will be necessary on the crossover line. A template and complete instructions are included.

Note: Early 1939 vehicles used a slightly different line from the Master Cylinder to Left Front "T" Block and on the front Crossover. This kit will fit early 1939 vehicles, but these two lines may have slightly different bends than the original.