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Fender Welting

 Grain vinyl features 3/16" bead for all fender seams or other bolt-on body parts. 25-foot roll.
1 1/2" Color Samples are available so you can mix and match colors for your application before purchasing a roll.

Item No. Description Price Pkg. Add To Cart
B-16070-BK Fender Welt (Black) $25.00 EA
B-16070-RR Fender Welt (Bright Red) $30.00 EA
B-16070-CR Fender Welt (Caramel) $30.00 EA
B-16070-BRD Fender Welt (Dark Brown) $30.00 EA
B-16070-GY Fender Welt (Gray) $30.00 EA
B-16070-MR Fender Welt (Maroon) $30.00 EA
B-16070-OR Fender Welt (Orange) $30.00 EA
B-16070-WH Fender Welt (White) $30.00 EA
B-16070-YL Fender Welt (Yellow) $30.00 EA
B-16070-GRD Fender Welt, Dark Green $30.00 EA
B-16070-RD Fender Welt, Red $30.00 EA
BAAA-16070 Fender Welting (Rubber) 8 Ft; fits 1932-Up $20.00 EA
B-16070-SW Fender Welting Swatch Samples $5.00 KT
B-16070-BLM Fender Welting, Medium Blue $30.00 EA
48-16070-SS Fender Welting, Stainless Steel $35.00 EA

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