Here's where you'll see and learn about some of the uncommon collectibles I've found while out digging in the early Ford and hot rod world over the last fifty or so years. Most I've found at old car swap meets across America, but I also find some at antique stores and vintage parts dealers, as well as from our customers. It's all part of my legacy preserved for future generations to view and enjoy. I'm a nut for this kind of stuff, whether it's an original Ford item, or an after-market specimen. If you have any such items for sale, please take a picture if possible, and email me here at

  • FoMoCo Waxed Dusting Cloth Tin <style="text-align: center;">
    "For Automobiles And Furniture".
  • Ford Portable Battery Charger <style="text-align: center;">
    This model is from the 50's.



  • FoMoCo Oil Filter Element <style="text-align: left;">
    Fits the old, bolt-on canister-style filter body found on 1954 Y-Blocks. These were used just prior to the introduction of the spin-on variety.
  • Ford Economy Trucks for 1953 Light Box <style="text-align: left;">
    Using a regular light bulb inside, this paper and cardboard light box could usually be found in the front display at a dealership or behind the parts counter.



  • Farm Equipment Lighted Parts Sign <style="text-align: left;">
    A metal light box with a glass face, usually found in the vicinity of the parts counter.
  • FoMoCo Radiator Insect Screen Kit <style="text-align: left;">
    A little extra protection for your radiator during the warmer, bug-filled months. 1949-50



  • Service Station Paper Towel Dispenser <style="text-align: left;">
    This aluminum box used to hang on a pump or pole in a service station and had a slot in its side for the windshield spray bottle.
  • FoMoCo Arm Rest Covers (Skins) <style="text-align: left;">
    An easy way to repair old, cracked upholstery on your arm rest. Makes them look like new again. P/N B8A-18636



Ford Battery Display and Charging Station

This wood and metal rack from the 50's maintained several batteries at full charge.